Birthday Month Part 1 – Birthday Curry!

Happy Birthday Geminis! This is the first post in the Birthday Month Menu Series. It all kicks off with my birthday over Memorial Day Weekend! Woo Hoo!

This year is a bittersweet. My Hubs, Kevin is overseas and my daughter Ella and I moved in to my parents house on Lake Anna to hunker down during the Pandemic. I hope everyone who is celebrating a birthday during these times is able to find some joy.

I know I did even though I was missing some of my favorite people (I miss you Kevin, I miss you Lucy, the extended Mescher clan, and the Shore and Ellis Families). Most of that joy came in the form of a lovely boating swimming experience and a wonderful almost take out curry dinner.

One of the things I have been missing the most during the Covid-19 Pandemic is eating out. If we had been able to go to a restaurant I would have chosen Preet Palace in Centreville, VA. It is one of my favorite Indian Restaurants. And if I had been at Preet Palace I would have ordered Saag Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala, and an order of Gulab Jamun for dessert. But alas we were stuck at home. So instead I made Saag Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala at home! I wasn’t up to making the Gulab Jamun this time. But I did want some ice cream and a creamy drink! Then in the evening with the Indian spices still permeating my kitchen, a lovely chai latte was was the perfect way to wind down in the evening and watch the light show over the lake!

So the At-home Indian Take-away Menu Consists of:

  • Saag Paneer (adapted from 40 aprons)
  • Chicken Tikka Masala (from 40 aprons)
  • Homemade Paleo Naan Bread
  • Mango Lassi
  • Cherry Nice Cream
  • Dairy-Free Caffiene-Free Chai Latte

I hope you enjoy this menu. I know I did!

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