Moving Revelations

Twelve months ago we decided to move for a variety of reasons:

  1. To be closer to family. Kevin and I both have family in Virginia and after 5 years in England and 4 years in Georgia we were ready to be back home and near family.
  2. Sailboat ownership is in our future! Annapolis, Maryland is the sailing capital of the East Coast. Being in close proximity to the coast and bay is very important to us as we approach our goal of buying a sailboat.
  3. We developed a massive case of buyers remorse towards our old house pretty much immediately after moving in. I won’t ever be winning any housekeeping awards, but having 4000+ square feet to keep clean was seriously intimidating. Add in a very fussy HOA, and grumpy neighbors and lets just say Georgia was 4 years of torture.
  4. Our older daughter had just graduated high school so the timing was perfect.

In reality moving was harder to manage than we thought. In order to take one step closer to the goal of boat ownership, my dear hubby decided to spend a year serving overseas. To that end we decided against buying a house right away, but we have been renting a partially furnished house from my parents. We began settling in to our New Normal – video calls and sleeping on unfamiliar mattresses.

Just as this New Normal was starting to feel “right” our older daughter threw us a curve ball by announcing that she was getting married in December 2019 – 2 days after Hubs was scheduled to come home from overseas for the first time. I still feel like a magician who pulled a rabbit out of their hat. The wedding was lovely! My husband returned to his overseas location. My older daughter moved to Kansas. My younger daughter and I started settling into the Newer Normal – even more video calls and still sleeping on unfamiliar mattresses and 1/2 as many people in the house.

Just as this Newer Normal was starting to feel “right” the Covid Pandemic reared its ugly head. My younger daughter and I, along with two cats and 1 fish, abandoned the townhouse to hunker down with my parents at their lake house near Richmond, Virginia. We’re trying to be happy in our bubble.

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